Ghilgal Retreat Center

Exactly located on the border line between Central and Southern Italy, inaugurated during the summer of 2015 in Mondragone (Caserta), the Ghilgal Christian Centre is not only characterised by the countryside roads that lead to it, nor by the beautiful beach that runs along its side, but also by the vision and project in which the Centre plays a vital role.

In fact, the Ghilgal Levitical Centre is the extension of the HOP Italia vision, which started back in 2011 thanks to the help and support of friends, local churches, ministries and ministers fond of the work that Giuseppe Conte and Miriam Narducci have carried out for years in the region of Campania and across Italy.

The HOP Italia vision does not only add to the 24/7 world prayer movement that has been taking place in several nations for decades, but it also wants to provide a place where you can undergo a serious training in the “levitical service” in Italy that is open to all: young people, adults, seniors, families and children. Giuseppe’s desire is to see the Kingdom of God come forth among a people well equipped for a serious commitment to praise and worship, prayer and intercession. Giuseppe’s commitment is to create a physical and spiritual place where anyone interested can be trained through the Biblical Courses of the SION ACADEMY, individual or group lessons by the ASAF Music School, and then put into practice what learned in the lessons through the day-and-night shifts of the House of Prayer. 

Immersed in greenery and close to the sea, the centre is surrounded by hectares of land as camping area (tiny houses, sites for tents, caravans and campers), recreational areas (swimming pool, children’s area, football and volleyball fields, meeting and relaxation areas), the “Conference Tent”, the catering area and all necessary facilities (toilets, showers, sinks and washrooms).

The centre can also be rented to Christian communities, churches or families who wish to spend some quiet time or who need a well-equipped site to organise conferences, camps or spiritual retreats.

For the time being we are only witnessing the beginning of the realisation of one of the many dreams that God has for the restoration of our nation. In order to see this realised fully, we also need your support, small or big.

The project is large and demanding just like everything that comes from the immensity of the heart of God, but you too can help us make history!


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Mounting ACs

In January we installed three AC units for the comfort of our guests both during the cold winters and the summer months.

ZAMA Project

Project Zama, HOP Italia and Ghilgal center are providing food for 40-60 people once a week. Every Saturday a huge 3 course lunch is prepared and taken to their house, or street.
Our chef and her team prepare a fresh plate of pasta, e hearty second dish, fruit and water and makes sure they get delivered to the most needy people in the area.