Missione Israele

Missione Israele is a movement intended for the “mobilization of intercessors” for Israel. It mainly derives from the intercessors’ desire of the House of Prayer Italia (HOP Italia) to see more and more members of the Body of Christ engaging in constant prayer for the people of Israel. M.I. organizes trips to Israel every year to visit the most significant places of the youngest and oldest nation of the world and visit the main Houses of Prayer in Jerusalem.

Its primary mission is to inspire intercessors to pray for Israel and encourage the communities and prayer houses of messianic Jewish believers present in Israel. The coming of the Spirit to Israel will be vital for the whole world when this is fully released; and everyone will see an unprecedented gathering of souls being released. (Ezekiel 36: 23-36). However, this can be made possible after the whole body of believers has consecrated itself to a 24-hours life of prayer and fasting.

At Missione Israele we, therefore, commit ourselves to pray so that we will see the nation of Israel walk in its destiny in the end time.